We challenge from innovative perspective and provide new value.

We, TDS strive to become a design firm solving difficult problems imposed on various companies, providing solutions based on the concept of "strategy in design and creativity in logic".

In today's business scene, the trend to utilize design as management resources has become noticeable. We believe this is because technology and knowledge that had been thought to produce profits in management became a commodity and it became necessary to create competitiveness in some other way.
The challenges that many companies now face are in creativity, imagination and innovation, and "design thinking". It is the strength of our designers and the concept is beginning to be demanded as an element to improve profit.
We, TDS support a company, from consulting to extract tasks, to apply to design tools, and lead to solving communication problems by making use of design thinking. Also, in order to respond to the rapid globalization trend of companies, we have established a system to collaborate with international design firms and support strategic approaches to overseas market.

We will continue to make further efforts to be a partner and teacher to be chosen from various companies to work together.
We wish to receive your warm, continuous support and understanding.

President ISAO KATO