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Regarding our Privacy Policy

Please understand the following

Purpose of collecting personal information

The purpose of using personal information you enter is as follows.

  • (1)Answering to your inquiry
  • (2)Sending materials relevant to the content inquired

In addition, NO acquisition of personal information without notifying or with a method which is not recognizable WILL NOT be done.

Third Party Use of Private Information

We (our company) will not provide personal information to anyone other than our company without your consent.

Entrustment of handling of personal information

In the case of our company entrusting handling of personal information, it is necessary to prevent personal information from being used other than the business entrusted by our company at the outsourcer selected according to the company's criteria and standards. To ensure that the private information is handled safely according to our protection policy and regulations, we require contract and agreeing on our standards of the handling of personal information before outsourcing.

Request of disclosure

If you yourself would like to request the information we hold about you, including your personal information, notifications for purposes of use, disclosures, corrections, suspension of use, etc., we will respect your decision and do our best to comply within reasonable demand.
Please contact the representative listed below for inquiries regarding your personal information.

In inputting personal information

We may not be able to answer depending on the inquiry or the content if the required field is not provided.

Inquiries about personal information

Jun Sudo
Phone: +81-(0)3-5225-7770