Global alliance partners

We promote business collaboration from a global perspective, and incorporate state-of-the-art solution ideas and business know-how.


    Hyper Island is a creative business school with the headquarter in Scandinavia, which has been offering intensive short courses, master's degrees and workshops for 25 years, as well as consulting services for companies looking for tailor-made solutions.
    The unique school gains insights and learning from both facilitated learning sessions and business-oriented training
    which the two domains complement each other for providing deeper learning. Hyper Island and TDS share a common goal of helping individuals and teams perform at their best, providing opportunities to extend their experience and knowledge.

  • TOPP

    TOPP is a design and innovation firm with offices in Sweden and San Francisco. The company developed “Noodl”, a prototyping tool that allows designers and engineers to collaborate with each other seamlessly, and allowing various digital product and services to be linked utilizing prototyping and testing using real data. The platform brings UX design, testing and innovation to the next level by accelerating iterative design.
    TDS, resonating with the concept, uses Noodl to provide UX design, agile development and prototyping support for products and services.

  • bonseyjaden

    Headquartered in Singapore, Bonsey Jaden is one of Asia's largest branding and digital marketing agencies, with offices in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The company, with a track record of local promotion and market entrance support, specializes in building customer experiences through digital technologies. Through Bonsey Jaden, brands connect with evolving consumer behavior with strategic branding and marketing, carefully planned based on significant KPIs.
    Bonsey Jaden and TDS together serve as a bridge between Japan and international markets, providing organizations a successful and effective market entrance.