Need designs? Come to us.

We support a wide range of designs in order to provide you
with a one-stop solution that is effective for your business.

Communications Design

Advertisements, promotional planning, pamphlets, flyers, posters, DM (direct mail), product catalogs, publications, card designs, etc.

Brand Design

Corporate prospectus, IR tools, corporate sites, company calendars, CI (corporate identity)/VI (visual identity) development and refinement, VI system structuring, naming/tagline/brand statements, etc.

Universal Design

From heuristic analysis on current status to creating sample design, CUD check, CUDO authentication agent, etc.

Store Design

In-store tools (planning/visuals/configuration ideas), 3D perspective, illustrations, photography, original character design, menu layouts, recipe making, etc.

Web Design

Websites, smartphone apps, UI design, CMS implementation, web analysis, web advertisements, web promotions, landing page, information gathering/photography, etc.

Project Design

Progress management for large-scale projects, budget management, organization/labor management, equipment/room management, etc.

Product Design

Personalized calendars, collaborative product development, novelty ideas, etc.